Wedding Season Is Here!


The sun is pouring in, the birds are singing with joy, and Orange County is alive with the freshness and happiness of spring. You know what that means, yes, it’s Wedding Season! We at the Atrium Hotel would like to offer you a couple tips and tricks to creating a beautiful and enchanting ceremony, one you can forever share with the ones you love.


1) Live the Day of the Your Dreams in the ‘Place’ of Your Dreams

For many, the beach is the perfect paradise where you bolt to in a desperate need of relaxation. For people in Southern California, it’s the here and now and everything in between. Beach weddings are making a splash this year and with the Atrium in the exclusive Orange County Hotel arena, you have an easy gateway to the beach just a mere 10 minutes away. Slip your toes into the sand, feel the cool breeze on your neck and whisper an “I do” of elation.


2) Color Scheme in Emotion

We all know the blushing bride has become a delightful stereotype in measuring the youthful excitement of your special day. Translate this sense of ecstasy in a visual manner by turning to peaches and blush tones for bridesmaid dresses and flowers. Like the soft delicateness of spring, let your wedding emanate the blossoming of your life.


3) ‘Not All That Glitters is Gold’

Your sparkling diamond ring shouldn’t be the only thing that shines on your wedding day, leave some zest for the guests! This year, wedding cakes are getting a makeover with sparkles and glitter to add a little magic and beauty. Think white cakes with silver or white sparkles that bring your cake to life. The key is to get your guests to have an enchanting experience and what better way than through the key to their stomach?


When it comes to weddings at the Atrium Hotel, we hope you’re as excited as we are with the immense list of possibilities for your spring and summer wedding! Visit us online at or call 949.428.3791. We look forward to hearing your, ‘I Do’.


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