Travel Efficiently This Memorial Day Weekend to California



Memorial Day Weekend


It is right around the corner, and hundreds of thousands of people will be traveling. Whether it is for business, or pleasure, you can bet the airports and highways will be packed! There are a few factors that should be taken into mind when traveling on a Holiday Weekend.


When it comes to traveling by plane during a Holiday Weekend, make sure to consider the following; don’t check a bag. Lines will most likely feel like an eternity to get through at the airport during the holidays, so the best way to travel is to simply just bring your carry-on luggage.  This may mean not packing 4 pairs of shoes, but it will be worth it in the long run.


Speaking of cutting down your airport time, make sure to just book a direct flight. You do not need the headache of connector flights, especially during the holiday weekend. Spend the extra few dollars, and save yourself the hassle.


Regardless if you are traveling for business or pleasure, make sure that where ever you are staying is close to all of your necessities. May it be your favorite restaurant, shopping plaza, event destination, or where you are meeting new clients, friends, or family, staying centralized will help you get where you need to go fast.


There is no better definition other than “convenient” when considering booking your Memorial Day Weekend at The Atrium Hotel. We are directly across from the John Wayne Airport (SNA), within 2 miles from shopping, restaurants, attractions, and showcase beautiful boardrooms along a resort style pool. Contact us or call 949.833.2770. We look forward to making your upcoming holiday weekend a success!


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