Tips on Improving Your Networking Experience


Whether you’re attending an event or marketing yourself, networking has always been one of the most effective ways to increase your business or personal visibility.   And what better place to network than the Atrium Hotel! From our award-winning restaurant, to our professional board rooms, the Atrium Hotel provides a wide variety venues for an unforgettable networking experience.

Some of the most noteworthy publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur have offered some great advice and tips:

Be Prepared!

From making sure you have enough business cards on-hand, to a rehearsed pitch the most important thing to keep in mind is to be aware of yourself. Always shake hands, and keep direct eye contact, while maintaining an open posture, a smile, and remembering to always be a great listener.

Before attending an event or meeting with a potential client or employer, do your research on the event you’re attending or the person that you’re meeting. Look for commonalities, ask yourself what you’re hoping to achieve, and if at an event, make a point of introducing yourself to at least 5 people.

Finally, do not forget to follow-up within 72 hours; perhaps back at the Atrium Hotel where you can dine and relax at our Waterfalls Restaurant, or even enjoy cocktails and appetizers at our very own iLum Lounge. If you are also interested in hosting your next executive board meeting visit our meeting and events to make your reservation today!


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