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Summertime is a time of vacationing, family affairs, weddings, and your toes in the sand! Well that may be the case for many, but for the rest, there is no summer vacation. Traveling back and forth, to and from, each business meeting or convention. Sometimes traveling this time of year is not all that and a bag of chips. However, there are many ways to make your business summer traveling experience a little more pleasant.


With everyone going on vacations, and the airports being a mess from all the crowds, there are a few methods to consider your sanity:


Don’t check a bag.

Simply pack accordingly for a carry on. This way you can get on and off the plane in a snap.


Go direct.

Book a direct flight, decreasing your chances of hopefully having a flight come in late. Essentially this will also cut down on travel time.


Use phone apps.

There are a bunch of new apps out that are making your business travel experience easier. Such as Gate Guru, Tripit, and Curb.


Enjoy yourself when time allows.

We always tell our guests to incorporate some play into your work schedule! Enjoy the sights and scenes around you! Maybe it is your first time in that city, so have yourself a pretend vacation!


Whether you are visiting Orange County on vacation, or for business travel, at Atrium Hotel, we want to make sure you continue your supreme traveling experience with us. Making perhaps your unpleasant flight a simple faded memory, or your impressive flight in a continuous impression. Visit us online at or call us at 949.833.2770 to book your stay!


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