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When most people equate February (Valentine’s Day) as the most romantic month of the year, June raises her beautiful head and shout’s “It’s Me!”  The weather is gorgeous and spring has made herself known by all the wonderful colors and scents in beautiful southern California, so what better month to be married!   Most brides love a June wedding, so now is the time to book your 2019 June wedding at the Atrium Hotel.


Fun Fact:  Did you know the reason why June is the most popular month for weddings?  It’s because in Roman times the goddess Juno (for June) ruled over marriage and childbirth.


At the Atrium Hotel, we offer an array of packages and services needed for every wedding, whether you plan your celebration in one of our lovely suites or ballrooms, inside our out, the Atrium has the venue to please everyone.  Please check out our services under our ‘Events.’ page on our website.  From complimentary room rentals to champagne, to wedding cake, to discounted room rates for your guests; we offer a plethora of choices.


“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.”  ~ Bernard Williams


Our friendly Front Desk staff and Catering Department are here to help you with all your needs.  So be sure to call us at 800.854.3012, or go online at info@atriumhotel.com, and be sure to take advantage of our packages and promotions.



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