John Wayne Airport’s Casualty Drill


Visitors traveling through Irvine’s John Wayne Airport (SNA) earlier today might have seen a cohort of emergency vehicles, first responders, and simulated victims in the airfields east side. This was due to John Wayne’s airplane crash drill scheduled from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.


The full-scale mass casualty crash drill required by the Federal Aviation Administration tests the airport’s emergency protocols and systems in a real-time environment to make sure everyone is prepared. Happening only once every three years, there will be no disruption other than the colorful sights of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Orange County Fire Authority, and the American Red Cross.


Luckily, the Orange County Airport (SNA) will be fully operational throughout the day, with flights going in and out as scheduled.  Access to the drill area is prohibited, but other avenues are open as usual. For more information, please visit


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