Best Bakeries & Pastry Shops in Irvine, CA

A close up of bread and pastries at a local bakery.

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread, pastries, and cakes. That warm, inviting smell brings on feelings of joy and comfort.


If you’re hungry and are looking for some of the best bakeries & pastry shops around the city, we have you covered.


Included in this article is a list of some of our favorite bakeries in Irvine, CA.


Careful, though. If you go into one of these establishments on an empty stomach, you may come out with more bread and goodies than you can eat. 


Just a heads up!


The Best Bakeries & Pastry Shops in Irvine, CA


1. 85°C Bakery Cafe – Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center

This bakery, normally just referred to as 85°, is a place that is filled with all kinds of delicious kinds of bread and pastries. They were founded with the philosophy of 5-start quality at affordable prices.


This place is very popular at most times during the day, so there may be a small wait to get inside. 


Once you do get inside, you grab a tray and fill it up with whatever your heart desires. Workers are constantly walking around and replacing the bread that are flying out of the see-through shelves.


Once you finish, you go up to the cashier’s station and they politely bag up your items and then you are on your way.


Don’t forget to grab one of their coffees, teas, and other delicious drinks. Check out their menu, here. They also accommodate online ordering, too!



2. Layer Cake Bakery – Stonecreek Plaza

Layer Cake is a local family-owned bakery that specializes in all kinds of creative desserts and cakes.


They can be considered a small restaurant in addition to a bakery because they also serve breakfast and lunch for those that are looking for options other than the bread or pastries.


Alongside their wide assortment of bread and pastries, Layer Cake is known for its specialty cakes that are all made from scratch. Check out their options, right here


They even make custom wedding cakes!


Layer Cake can do it all. Drop-in and order something delicious!



3. Sunmerry Bakery Cafe – The Arvor Village Center

Sunmerry is a bakery specializing in fresh Asian pastries and desserts. They were founded in 1986 in Taiwan, Japan, and then eventually opened up bakeries here in the United States.


They have an assortment of over 80 kinds of amazing bakery items including: 


  • Boba Egg Tarts
  • Cranberry Lemon Cream Cheese Bread
  • Super Garlic Bread
  • Sea Salt Tofu Roll
  • Walnut Cookie Buns
  • And much more


Check out the rest of their menu, here


Sunmerry prides itself on serving the highest quality items and makes everything from scratch, so you know their items are going to be good.


Check out their store hours and order online or pick up in-store!


4. Bakery Habana – Irvine Spectrum

Bakery Habana is a small, intimate standalone bakery and pastry shop located behind the same building as Habana, the Cuban restaurant.


They serve a variety of Cuban pastries, bread, grab and go sandwiches, coffee, desserts, and more. 


One look through the thick, see-through glass where the delicious items are held will have you wanting to fill up a big box and take them home. Their pastries and desserts are handcrafted, and many are made with bright colors, amazing designs, and an abundant amount of fresh flavor. 

Drop-in here if you’re looking for a bakery by itself, or right after you enjoy a delicious meal at Habana. 


5. Assal Pastry – Heritage Plaza

Assal Pastry is a family-owned bakery specializing in Persian bakery goods, including cakes, cookies, baklava, and more.


Some of their signature items include:


  • Roulettes
  • Cookies
  • Zoolbia-Bamieh
  • Baklava
  • And much more.


Their experienced bakers bake everything from scratch with the freshest ingredients. As soon as you walk into the bakery, you see a vast selection of items just waiting to be selected and enjoyed. 


Assal also has an area with grab and go items including more bread, cakes, and cookies.


They also create stunning cakes for weddings, birthdays, or any occasion.


When in Irvine, Assal Pastry is one bakery to visit and enjoy some amazing treats.


Contact them to order over the phone and also drop in their store!


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