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Home of the Free and the Brave – 4th of July

  There is nothing quite like watching 4th of July fireworks down by the Pacific Ocean. With that being said, there also comes the craziness of trying to find a parking spot, high rates at coastal hotels, and the overall… Read more.

Busy Dad Deserves a Special Father’s Day

  Being amongst the business district of Irvine, Atrium Hotel is a constant witness to busy businessmen every day! From going to meetings, coming from meetings, and or staying as our guest, no matter the reason, they are constantly running… Read more.

Fine Arts of Irvine Summer Kick-Off

  Irvine may be well known for a beautiful community consisting of good shopping, lovely dining options, and even it’s own business district, however, this town also prides itself with Art! Art festivals rave throughout Southern California during the summer… Read more.

Thank You For Your Service

  Memorial Day is a day to remember history. There is no doubt that culturally everyone can associate his or her remembrance by celebrating this weekend! Memorial Day Weekend has always been displayed in this way by social gatherings of… Read more.

Travel Efficiently This Memorial Day Weekend to California

  Memorial Day Weekend   It is right around the corner, and hundreds of thousands of people will be traveling. Whether it is for business, or pleasure, you can bet the airports and highways will be packed! There are a… Read more.