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Top Do’s and Don’ts of Booking Your Hotels in Irvine, CA for Spring Break

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the OC!

  Not only does the month of March herald in the start of Spring, we Spring ahead in time on March 12th, and everything is turning green! Gulliver’s Restaurant Yes, it’ St. Paddy’s Day, and not only does the Atrium… Read more.

Celebrate Love with the Atrium

Romance is in the air and what better way to enjoy the most romantic day of the year than to check-in to the Atrium Hotel, where the staff will book your one-night stay for their Bed, Breakfast with Dining experience.… Read more.

Tips on Improving Your Networking Experience

Whether you’re attending an event or marketing yourself, networking has always been one of the most effective ways to increase your business or personal visibility.   And what better place to network than the Atrium Hotel! From our award-winning restaurant, to… Read more.

Feel the Holiday Chill in the OC!

The Holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of the year, filled with festive events and traditions that will make you feel a Winter chill right here in Orange County. Whether you’re traveling through or visiting loved ones for… Read more.