Atrium Hotel

Atrium Summer Travel Essentials

BAs we head into the hottest time of the year and you’ve just checked into the Atrium hotel (whether you’ve arrived by plane, train or automobile), be sure to take advantage of the turquoise waters of the beautiful pool which is surround by lush tropical trees, plants, cabanas, and the gorgeous iLumLounge which serves both food and drink. And be sure to read the following travel hacks and tips to make sure that your trip is an enjoyable one.

For the family (or even if it’s just you two lovebirds), don’t forget THE ‘must have’ … your cell phones. Since most of us have all of our music, movies and all the apps that we just can’t live without on our cell phone’s, the best travel hack is if you don’t already have one, invest in a good phone charger with multiple outlets to keep all of your devices charged!

If you have children, be sure to have their travel hacks within arms reach! Don’t forgetthe iPads, books (reading and coloring), music or whatever your child is into. A great idea is to purchase a hanging organizer that will fit behind a car, train or plane seat, and place as many interactive toys, books, magazines, etc. in each compartment. And don’t forget their favorite DVD’s!!

And least of all, don’t forget water, your beach towel, sunscreen, flip-flops, sunglasses, caps/hats, a great summer read, plus a bag or tote to place all of your summer essentials in. And the last great travel essential? Always be sure to reserve your room at the Atrium hotel in advance! You may make your reservation by calling us at 800.854.3012, or online at www.atriumhotel.com.

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